Sunrise on Nature

Welcome, so nice you're here!

These times can be quite overwhelming at times. Life is fast & demanding ...

We have big dreams and are being challenged constantly.


Sometimes there is no space to really experience and explore who we are, why we feel the way we feel

and we behave the way we behave.


Maybe you've been through something and feel different since then.

A traumatic experience, a break-up or you find yourself in a new situation

and you don't really know where you stand, what you want, who you are.

You feel out of balance, lost, restless. Things are uncertain.

You're blocked in your creativity and feel like you've lost your 'joie de vivre'.


Questions like:


What do I really want?

Why do I feel this way? I should be happy ...

What am I actually doing here?

Why do I feel so much, or so little at all?

What is my next step?


The questions keep racing through your head and you have a feeling, there is so much more.


You don't have to figure it out by yourself, let me help you!

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Hi! And welcome, so nice you're here.


My name is Marije, I am a creative entrepreneur:

life coach & artist.


Strange combi? No, it's not!


Read my story here .


I offer you a safe and loving space

in which we'll go on a journey together.
It doesn't matter what is that brought you to me:

we'll travel together! 

Through questions, visualizations, setting intentions and the connection to your body we create clarity, softness and tranquility.


Are you ready for commitment to your

personal, inner journey?


I accompany you with a lot of love & light.


Send me a message and we can set a date 

for a free intake meeting. 


Breathe. Reconnect.

We are able to live our most fulfilling life. To suffer less and enjoy more!

We're only walking around on this beautiful planet for a couple of years, so why not make the best out of it?

Why should we hold ourselves back instead of living up to your full potential?

Why run & hurry when we can also dance around and connect with everything surrounding us? 

In that way we create the life of our dreams: feel the fear, do it anyway!

Zaterdag op de Rotsen

Marije, thank you!


You helped me with your loving energy and enthusiasm

to rebalance my life.


The chaos in my head is calm now,

and I have all kinds of tools that I can use all my life.


I finally feel good about myself again!

Can you use some direction, help & love ?

I would love to hear from you.


Call or email me! I + 31 6 22 00 22 45


    Or leave a message ...  

Thank you!