During sessions I will let you reconnect to your body,

in that way you can let go of fear and limiting beliefs & free blocked emotions.

After a programma with me you'll feel:

> confident & powerful

> inspired

> you know what you want


Fear & doubt make room for clarity, inner peace and POWER! 

You'll find your way back into alignment & so you can live your most fulfilling life!


  • A getting to know is free and will be around 30 minutes

  • A programme is super personal and will be different amount of sessions:

    • Exact price on request; from € 60 / session ​

  • Sessions will take around 1 ½ hours

  • Coachings are ONLINE via ZOOM 

  • Coachings available in Dutch, English & German.

Could you use some direction, help & love? I would love to hear from you...

Marije Louise Maliepaard

+31 6 22 00 22 45


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