My name is Marije: I'm a creative businesswoman: life coach & artist.

Weird combo? Not really... 

Let's go back, ten years to be exactly: for the first time I got really sick.

No doctor could tell what it was, so they kept sending me to new ones over and over again.

It left my feeling like nobody was really listening.

Mostly they told me it was stress or 'fatigue'. 

After 1,5 year they discovered I had Lyme Disease. 

Finally things fell into place and after the right treatment things got better quickly.

But I was young and had big dreams ( which I still do ;))

So it was quite clear to me: I have to learn how to take care of myself, the best way possible.

Quite quickly I landed at the combination of nutrition, sports & mindfulness.

The bigger, holistic picture. Since I was little, I got confronted with my high sensibilty...
When I started to read things about high sensitivity, energy, meditation, buddhism etc., it felt like things made sense. So, I kept on reading while I was working on my dream to study Musical Theatre.

After my first year of studies, I got sick again: Lyme can come back.

The studentlife (alcohol, 'bad' food, not a lot of sleep) and the stress from studying didn't make it any better. I found myself in a quickly, downward going spiral - I even realized - but didn't find my way out. 

After being depressed for half a year, I woke up one day and thought: 

I'm done. I will take control over my life. 

That's where I decided to eat vegan, start working out again and quit all things that didn't give me energy. I started looking at the things that did work: "what went well?" was the question I asked myself over and over again. I shifted my focus and my whole perception changed.

Now, a couple of years later I allow myself to say out loud:
my mental health made the biggest shifts in my healing proces. TWICE.

Since I know that, I'm not sick, I'm full of energy and power and my interest in spirituality, psychology and awareness is still growing. 


I finished my studies in the Netherlands, moved to New York City to learn from the Broadway Professionals, came back to Holland and started auditioning. 
During my studies, I thought I had mastered quite some tough times... But auditioning and dealing with rejection all the time sure challenges your resilience.


Over and over again I felt like I was thrown back to my own truth: 
what do I want, what do I want my life to look like, where is my focus?

Because of those questions and simply because of growing older, I discovered several new layers but very often I missed a place where I could be my complete self: instead of on stage & while reading spiritual books. That's where I didn't feel lonely in all of my feelings, analytic questions and spiritual stuff.

But why wasn't I happy? I was doing what I love: playing shows...

I was searching for a deeper meaning in my life and once again,
I had to go back inward: what do I really want? 

I want to help people, send love into the world and shine my light.

Share wisdom & knowledge and create a soft, loving space where people can be their complete selves.

And because the Universe is simply awesome, all of a sudden there was the course I was looking for:

Life Coaching in Berlin. At the same time, I did courses in manifestation, chakra, crystals & energy healing.

I learned more and more about the psychology of humans, methods to help other efficiently and how we can break our patern, shift our focus & change our lives.

I mostly work with RETP, The Work -Byron Katie, Solution Focused Therapy - Steve de Shazer,

Focus and Sensing & Visualization.

So, here I am!

My long visualised dream to work as an artist & coach has now become true.

A combination of which I thought wasn't possible, until I discovered it were my limiting beliefs

holding me back. 

Are you ready for commitment on your inner journey? Could you use some love, light & help?

Send me a message and don't be scared, like Glennon Doyle worte very simple but oh so true: 

We can do hard things!