Super happy to announce I'll be playing Cinderella

in Cinderella, a Musical Fairytale .


This wonderful family musical was written by Marc Robin, the production will be directed by Ilya Parenteau.


The piece is produced by English Theater Düsseldorf, so I get to go back to my New York memories and play in English again!


It feels great to be back at work and to be able to tell a beautiful story.

It is a truly big adventure in times like these and I very much look forward to the performances!


DATES: September 5, September 25, October 31, November 1, November 28, November 29, December 12, December 13, December 19, December 20, December 29 & December 30



Dreams do come true!

Because of the lockdown I finally fulfilled a long-delayed dream: writing a one woman show all by myself.


"Alles Af" is a self-written show,

a very personal piece about big questions, such as:

Why are we here, why am I so scared,

what is loneliness and how can I connect all human beings?


My own search for endless freedom was a great source of inspiration. I promise it'll be a very special evening in the midst of nature: a beautiful flower field.


SHOWS: June 26 & 27, 2020


June 21, 2019: the time has come!

Tonight we premiere The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


The past couple of weeks I have been able to enjoy an amazing collaboration with a fantastic team: Robert Gerloff,

Mirjam Klebel & Hajo Wiesemann.


I can't wait for tonight, but for now a little sneak peek from rehearsals.